Hi I'm Christian
Designer & Explorer
who loves to tackle new challenges

Some recent and current work

inFuse Industry Internet of Things Development Platform
inFuse - IIot Platform
Lead Interaction and Visual Designer for the new version of nuveon’s IIot (Industry Internet of Things) platform solution. InFuse has a flexible and intuitive browser based interface to access and manage data at any time, from any device. It is a scalable and technology-independent environment to integrate data from any internal or external stream.
mHub - Manufacturing Execution System
mHub - MES
Lead Interaction and Visual Designer for the new version of nuveon’s Manufacturing Execution System. mHub is a resolution independent browser based software that allows its users to run a more efficient production and delivers smart data streams to enhance everyone's decision making.
mVariants - product configurator
mVariants - Product Configurator
Lead Interaction and Visual Designer for the development of the dynamic and highly scalable product configurator mVariants. With its simple and responsive interface it allows the user to configure very complex and also standard products which are then easily integrated into any production process.

Visual Interaction Designer

As a designer I see myself as kind of a connector. What do I mean by that? The difficult part of every project is to collect all the bits and peaces of information (user and business needs), bring them together and form something that is not only bringing value to the company, but also brings the user in the center of the whole process. Without the user there is no product. And without understanding people there is no business.

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